Yes, You Can Find Happiness

It starts with loving yourself first.

Tell me if this sounds familiar…

You feel sad or anxious often. You’re struggling with needing things to be “perfect” but it seems like things just Don’t. Work. Out.

You get caught up in insecurity and low self-worth.
What if I say the wrong thing & totally turn people off?
What if I sound stupid?

 Confidence is missing.

It’s time to change the game for yourself and fix what’s keeping you in this cycle of unsuccessful dating, and it starts with addressing this confidence factor.

Cultivating that strong, powerful, authentic inner confidence is not only going to make you feel good, but it’s going to be magnetic—an incredibly attractive element that you bring to the table of everything you do in your life.

Issues treated and session info

  • Anxiety, depression, difficulty regulating emotions, co-dependence, attachment issues, perfectionism, jealousy, low self-worth/self-esteem and shadow issues, mild substance abuse issues, general lack of wellness and happiness, stress, relationship and dating struggles, family of origin difficulties,

  • 50-minute sessions to dissect what is really blocking you from finding the great strength and confidence you want in your life. Couples sessions will be 60 minutes

  • Text access between sessions for those moments you need a confidence boost (only accessible within office hours)

  • The choice to do weekly or bi-weekly sessions

  • Virtual for your convenience