unfinished project™ t-shirts


As a therapist + coach, I'm not immune to criticism or insecurity. It's a big part of what makes me so passionate about helping people to find a voice and express their feelings in order to be their most authentic selves. We are all works in progress. None of us are perfect, and none reach a point where there's nothing to work on. If we all relate in the world with love and kindness, and ownership of where we're at, we won't need to hide or stay in a place of shame and low self-esteem. I created unfinished project™ shirts as a way to scream out that we're all just imperfectly perfect, and we're all just working on it. Own it!  #unfinishedproject

Shirts are organic cotton and printed with water-based, environmentally-friendly inks, and lots of love! 

unfinished project™ t-shirt
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