Who I work with:

Humans who want to improve their lives!

If you could be instantly granted one wish, you’d probably choose happiness or great love: that fizzy, full-bodied feeling of being held and supported and to grow and have the life you deserve. Perhaps you’ve experienced it in your own life… Or maybe you’ve yet to find it. All you know is this: you want it, you crave it, and… you’re often reminded that you don’t have it.

Thanks to social media, lots of “perfect” life and perfect relationships stare you in the face. Affectionate ones. Adventurous ones. Glamorous ones. And it’s likely only added to the anxiety and worry you carry…

“Why don’t I feel really happy in my life?”

Or “why don’t I feel happy or fulfilled with my current relationship?”

Hey, it’s okay

Countless people are struggling with the same concerns and challenges; it’s just something they don’t always share openly—certainly not on social media!

So how can we bridge the gap between how you feel now (lost, stressed, or worried you’ll have to settle) and where you want to be (in love, thriving, and feeling like you’ve got all the things)?

Identifying the root cause of…

… why you feel this way
… why you’re not satisfied by your current relationship
… or why you can’t seem to find a decent human in a big urban dating pool

Truth is, there’s a long line of beliefs in your psyche about love and your worthiness of it. (Yes, we’re going deep.)

A stockpile of stories, memories, and past hurts that are currently running in your operating system whether you realize it or not. And they are projected onto your present-day experiences.

Whether you’re on a date or having an argument with your current partner, that system is at work and playing a role in how you respond.

Specifically, it’s impacting two crucial elements of relating:

  1. Your Inner Confidence: how you feel about yourself and what you believe about yourself

  2. Your Communication Style: how you express your thoughts and feelings

If you want to call great love into your life, infuse more romance into your current relationship, or improve your life and all of your relationships, it’s essential to elevate and transform these two things.

Together, we will identify the beliefs you currently carry about yourself and the concept of happiness and love so that you can change them for the better.

Changing them is what will free you from insecurity while dating and thriving in life. It’s what will empower you to communicate confidently about your relationship needs. And it’s what will give you an underlying sense that “I’ve got this” every day.


Issues treated and my approach:

Anxiety, depression, difficulty regulating emotions, mild addiction issues, perfectionism, co-dependency, trauma, issues around self-worth/self-esteem/shadow integration, all dating/breakup grief/relationship/communication issues, health and wellness concerns, friend and family difficulties, and more.

I believe that how we feel is impacted by our mindset, eating habits, and exercise routines (or lack thereof) too. So, I take a holistic approach and examine how we can optimize your whole life so that you feel more confident and complete in your relationships and beyond. I aim to provide a safe space that’s free of judgment. Rather than attaching to a specific modality, I combine many different learnings and trainings to create a more comprehensive approach to thriving in life.