I’m Devoted to Helping You Thrive in Love & in Life


I’ve been a practicing psychotherapist for over a decade, and while I’m conventionally trained, I’ve always subscribed to the philosophy that a holistic approach is the most effective way support my clients.

I grew up in an alternative minded household with parents who were passionate about growing their own food and supporting the body’s ability to heal naturally. Having that foundation set for me, I always felt drawn to wellness, particularly as it relates to women’s health.

Following those instincts, I decided to major in Women’s Studies and minor in sociology once I headed off to college. Yet what ultimately inspired me to enter into the world of psychotherapy was during my time working at various women’s health centers and my interest in wellness and relationships.

From that point forward, I was deeply inspired to be a conduit for healing both mentally and physically for women, and I dove into a graduate program at NYU to become a therapist with my health coaching certification following shortly thereafter.

My ultimate goal has been to become fully equipped to create a safe space for people; where they feel comfortable enough to reveal themselves and in turn, initiate the process of inner transformation. And I’m happy to say that I’ve succeeded.

In my experience working with singles and couples, one of the biggest issues I’ve seen amongst young women and men is their lack of authenticity and truth speaking in dating and relationships of all kinds. This lack of self-expression is most often rooted in fear of rejection, judgment, or heartbreak. Yet, it is the very thing that blocks the deep, fulfilling connection every human craves.

I help my clients not only become more conscious of their patterns and behavior in all of their relationships—especially in love, but I also empower them to feel their feelings, connect with what they really want, and improve their most important relationship: the one they have with themselves.

Once my clients recognize their beliefs and negative inner dialogue, they can begin transforming it into one that is more confident and supportive. And from there, they can bring their true, unfiltered selves to their relationships (and into the world), and find joy and fulfillment in those connections—whether that’s with friends, family, or romantic partners.

Today, it’s my mission to empower people to thrive in all of their relationships by first repairing the one they have with themselves, and then helping them move through their barriers to true happieness and beyond. Because it’s in resolving our communication barriers that we can finally reach our fullest potential in love and in life.


Professional Bio


For over a decade, Risha London Nathan has been a licensed therapist who combines her knowledge as a certified health coach and psychotherapy to awaken her clients to their barriers to happiness in life, and great love and harmony in all of their relationships. She has been listed on Psychology Today, featured on various remote coaching websites, and has guided the inner transformations of hundreds of individuals in New York City and across the United States. She received her Master’s in Social Work from New York University, her health coaching certification from the Institute for Integrative Nutrition, as well as many other various trainings and classes in life coaching, relationships/couples therapy, health and wellness, and more! Risha’s approach is all about variety. Rather than subscribing to one particular modality, she pulls from many: Gottman level 1 trained, CBT + DBT, NLP, positive psychology, attachment theory, mindfulness, and many more!